Bethany. (whatever_freak) wrote in modeljunkies,

Hi, I was wondering if someone could ID some models for me again?

Gianfraco Ferre S/S 2011

Giorgio Armani S/S 2011

Jil Sander S/S 2011

Les Copains S/S 2011

Missoni S/S 2011


Thank you so much for any help! :)
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I only recognize these models:
- Gianfraco Ferre S/S 2011: (2nd row, 1st pic) Constance Jablonski
(2nd row, 3rd pic) Looks like Edita Vilkeviciute

- Giorgio Armani S/S 2011 (1st row, 1st pic) Bruna Tenorio
(1st row, 3rd pic) Nimue Smit

- Jil Sander S/S 2011 Nimue Smit

Hope these helped. :)
Hmm. The order of the images changed after i posted my comment.

-Gianfranco Ferre
Pic 7: Constance Jablonski
Pic 9: Looks like Edita Vilkeviciute

-Giorgio Armani
Pic 1: Bruna Tenorio
Pic 3: Nimue Smit

-Jil Sander
Pic 1: Nimue Smit
Thanks for your help! :D
Therese Alexandersson, Veroniek Gielkens, Yulia Kharlapanova, Nimue Smit, Patricia Van der Vliet
Vika Falileeva, Constance Jablonski, Martha Streck, Toni Garrn

Bruno Tenorio, Ksenia Kahnovich, Ramona Chmura

Jil Sander
Ramona Chmura

Les Copains
Kasia Wrobel, Andie Arthur

Caroline Brasch-Nielsen, Kat Hessen

"Prince Charming" = Gen Huismans
Thank you so much for your all help (again)!

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